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Mobile Harvest

Sachin Gaur is an award-winning software engineer and world-class expert in mobile security. In 2010 he cofounded the technology collective MixOrg, which aims to develop apps to help people at the bottom of the pyramid -- people like the many millions of India's poor farmers whose lives are often blighted by multiple problems.

LIFE follow Sachin as he heads off to Andhra Pradesh to meet farmers and hear first-hand about the major obstacles they face in their lives -- from changing weather patterns and unreliable rainfall, to rising costs of seeds and fertilizers. With a firm grasp of some of their real-life problems, he's ready to start working on a 'Life App' to help spread farmers' ideas.

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Main credits

Pandey, Arjun (Director)
Kapoor, Amiba (Producer)
Revah, Amber Rose (Narrator)
Bradshaw, Steve (Film editor)

Other credits

Music, Just A Band, Swaraansh Mishra, Audio Network; directors of photography: Alekh Lalatendu, S.M. Shivappa, Anil Kumar Tiwari.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Asian Studies
Developing World
Global Issues
Science, Technology, Society
Social Psychology
Sustainable Agriculture


India, farmer suicides, Sachin Gaur, software engineer, mobile security, technology collective, MixOrg, India's poor farmers, Andhra Pradesh, changing weather patterns, unreliable rainfall, rising costs, seeds, fertilizer,"Mobile Harvest",Bullfrog Films

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