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Silicon Savannah

Muniu Kariuki is an app developer living in Nairobi. With friends, he runs Bityarn Consult, a small technology start-up. In this program, Muniu takes up the challenge of seeing if he can develop a 'Life App' that can help small Kenyan farmer William, who runs a subsistence farm in rural Ugenya, 300 miles from Nairobi. William is an expert on cultivating traditional African vegetables, but would like his modest farm to be more productive and profitable.

In western Kenya, the Technology Adoption Through Research Organization (TATRO) has mobilized farmers into growing traditional indigenous vegetables, but the old physical problems of communication make it a tough challenge. Can Muniu come up with an app that can help William reach out for new business opportunities?

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Main credits

Kamau, Toni (Director)
Kamau, Toni (Producer)
Isaac, Denver (Narrator)
Bradshaw, Steve (Film editor)

Other credits

Music, Just A Band, Audio Network; director of photography: Pete Murimi.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

African Studies
Developing World
Global Issues


Kenya, Bityarn Consult, small technology start-up, subsistence farm, Ugenya, traditional Agrican vegetables, TATRO, difficulty communicating, new business opportunities,"Silicon Savannah",Bullfrog Films

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