World of Apps

The final episode of the series profiles Apps For Good, an organization originally started in Brazil to harness young people's ideas and energies to develop apps that can benefit local communities. In South Africa, LIFE visits with creative artist Nanziwe, who works for the mobile start-up company Bozza and is trying to develop an 'app' to provide young people with sexual and reproductive health information and advice.

In London's East End, LIFE films one young entrepreneur who has developed an app that helps young minority adults who are 'stopped and searched' by the police, recording their locations and their accounts of the treatment they receive. We also visit with Amarah, a young student from Central Foundation Girls' School, who has developed her own 'app' to send messages to friends with an alarm call.

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Main credits

Zisiwe, Paul (Director)
Lewis, Gautam (Director)
Madovi, Tapiwa (Narrator)
Bradshaw, Steve (Film editor)

Other credits

Music, Just A Band, Audio Network; director of photography: Pete Murimi.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

African Studies
At-risk Youth
Citizenship and Civics
Developing World
Global Issues
Science, Technology, Society
Social Psychology


young people writing apps, solve problems, reproductive health care, South Africa, young minority adults, London, UK, stop and searched, Apps for Good, young people's ideas, benefit local communities, mobile start-up, Bozza, Central Foundation Girls' School, alarm call app,"World of Apps",Bullfrog Films

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