XXI Century: pax americana

In the last part of 'XXI CENTURY' we examine the problem from a broader perspective. Is the US really motivated by concerns for human rights, and spreading democracy? If so, how do we explain our double standard in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Roger Normand of the Center for Economic and Social Rights points out the disturbing similarity between the Sharon and Bush administrations in their linking of religious fundamentalism to state power. In fact many of the strongest advocates for the invasion of Iraq have a long history of close ties with Israel. From the early 90s on, they argued that Saddam should be removed from power.

These neoconservatives are the authors of the doctrine of 'full spectrum dominance' and are behind the Project for the New American Century.

In our pursuit of greater and greater control, who is next in line to feel our military might? History tells us that we don't care about dictatorships or democracies. As Noam Chomsky says we're the kind of empire that wants to 'determine the course of world affairs, punish those who don't go along, and tolerate those who do go along.'

Helping us to give us a worldwide perspective on human rights are Curt Goering of Amnesty International, and Reed Brody and Hanny Megally of Human Rights Watch. Explaining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and broader US policy goals are NYU's Timothy Mitchell, Israeli filmmaker Udi Aloni, historians Victoria de Grazia and Arno Mayer, along with Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

'An exceptionally well done panorama of significant political events surrounding September 11th, 2001 and the American Empire.' Willliam Blum

'Highly revealing! A documentary which celebrates the peace movement while fueling your rage to danger levels.' Red Pepper


Main credits

Zamparini, Gabriele (film director)
Zamparini, Gabriele (film producer)
Zamparini, Gabriele (screenwriter)
Zamparini, Gabriele (director of photography)
Meccoli, Lorenzo (film producer)
Meccoli, Lorenzo (screenwriter)
Meccoli, Lorenzo (director of photography)
Meccoli, Lorenzo (editor of moving image work)
De Grazia, Victoria (on-screen participant)
Palast, Greg (on-screen participant)
Normand, Roger (on-screen participant)
Solomon, Norman (on-screen participant)
Goering, Curt (on-screen participant)
Chomsky, Noam (on-screen participant)
Vidal, Gore (on-screen participant)
Brody, Reed (on-screen participant)
Zinn, Howard (on-screen participant)
Mayer, Arno J. (on-screen participant)
Mitchell, Timothy (on-screen participant)
Megally, Hanny (on-screen participant)
Aloni, Udi (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Editor, Lorenzo Meccoli [and 5 others]; camera, lighting, and sound, Lorenzo Meccoli, Gabriele Zamparini.

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Distributor subjects

American Democracy
American Studies
Civil Liberties
Conflict Resolution
Foreign Policy, US
Human Rights
International Studies
Media Studies
Middle East Studies
Social Justice
War and Peace


human rights, democracy, empire, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Roger Normand, Sharon, Bush administration, fundamentalism, state power, Iraq, Israel, neoconservatives, full spectrum dominance, Project for the New American Century, dictatorships, Noam Chomsky, Curt Goering, Amnesty International, Reed Brody, Hanny Megally, Human Rights Watch, Timothy Mitchell, Udi Aloni, Victoria de Grazia, Arno Mayer, Howard Zinn; "pax americana"; Bullfrog Films

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