That Part Feeling

Arvo Pärt is the most performed living composer in the world. In this documentary, we get to know Arvo Pärt in depth as an artist. Though he may seem reclusive in his person, what he wants to say is written in notes.

"In the lovely ... documentary “That Pärt Feeling: The Universe of Arvo Pärt,” producer-director Paul Hegeman highlights the music of renowned Estonian composer Arvo Pärt while attempting to unveil the mystery around the purportedly reclusive writer of such famed works as “Tabula Rasa,” “Fratres,” “Trivium” and “Für Alina,” all stirringly performed here."- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times


Main credits

Hegeman, Paul (director of photography)
Hegeman, Paul (film producer)
Hegeman, Paul (film director)
Dijkstra, Auke (director of photography)
Hulscher, Caitlin (editor of moving image work)
Pärt, Arvo (composer (expression))
Pärt, Arvo (interviewee)
Kaljuste, Tonu (interviewee)
Kaljuste, Tonu (conductor)
Kylian, Jiri (interviewee)
Gomis, Alain (interviewee)
Coverdale, Kara-Lis (interviewee)
Coverdale, Kara-Lis (instrumentalist)
Thompson, Candida (interviewee)
Thompson, Candida (instrumentalist)
Raat, Ralph van (interviewee)
Raat, Ralph van (instrumentalist)
Reuss, Daniel (interviewee)
Reuss, Daniel (conductor)

Other credits

Camera, Paul Hegeman, Auke Dijkstra; editor, Caitlin Hulscher.

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Distributor subjects

Eastern European


Eastern European, Music, Religion/Spirituality; "That Part Feeling"; Film Movement