Distributor:  The Fanlight Collection
Length:  26 minutes
Date:  2006
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Color/BW:  Color
Closed captioning available
Interactive transcript available
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One in 2000

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One in two thousand babies are born with anatomy that doesn't clearly mark them as either male or female. This provocative documentary demystifies the issue through intimate profiles of people born intersex.

One in 2000

Every parent-to-be hopes for a 'perfect' baby, but what does that actually mean? Every newborn is different, but some of those differences are scarier to parents than others. Each year an estimated one in two thousand babies are born with anatomy that doesn't clearly mark them as either male or female with what is known as an intersex condition. It's a situation that's hard to talk about; it challenges our preconceptions about how things are 'supposed' to be.

This provocative documentary demystifies the issue of sexual difference. At a time when five babies a day in the United States are having 'gender reassignment' surgery, it argues that there is little evidence that such surgery is beneficial to the child. The program profiles several people born with ambiguous sexual anatomy, who have managed to deal with some very difficult family and social issues, but today are living 'ordinary' and productive lives. It also includes a young mother who is matter-of-factly creating the conditions for her intersex baby to do the same.

Interweaving their stories with educational films from the 1950's, One in 2000 invites us to take a serious second look at how the media have dealt with sexual 'normality.' It will be an invaluable tool for educating and sensitizing parents, young people and many in the medical community as well.

'One in 2000 demonstrates that the umbrella term 'intersex' covers a huge range of bodies and experiences. It shows that truly effective care for intersex people means recognizing that there are many paths to health and happiness, and that the real experts are the people themselves. The program should be required viewing for every doctor, advocate, and academic dealing with this issue.' -Thea Hillman, Intersex Advocate; Author of For Lack of a Better Word'; Former Board Chair, Intersex Society of North America


** Cine Golden Eagle Award
** Director's Citation, Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film and Video Festival
** Bronze Award, Columbus International Film/Video Festival
** Platinum Remi Award, WORLDFEST
** Programmer's Choice Award, Cinematexas
** Best Documentary, University Film and Video Association
** Nextframe Traveling International Film Festival
** Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
** Berkeley Video and Film Festival
** Mill Valley Film Festival
** Big Muddy Film Festival
** Chicago Gay/Lesbian Film Festival
** Silver Award, Patient Education, National Health Information Awards
** Western Psychological Association
** National Women's Studies Assocition,
** 2008 Film/Video Series
** American Psychological Association


Main credits

Clearway, Ajae (film director)

Other credits

Cinematography, Lisa Kaselak [and 3 others]; editor, Aja Clearway; composer, Lisa Schneider.

Distributor credits

by Ajae Clearway

by Ajae Clearway

Polyvinyl Pictures

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Social Work
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intersex; inter sex; inter-sex; intersexual; intersexuality; sexual ambiguity ; doctor-patient relationship; turner's syndrome; turner syndrome; x chromosome; growth hormones; partial androgen insensitivity syndrome; hypospadias; bifid scrotum; hormone replacement ; hormonal replacement; mrkh; mayer-rokitansky-kuster-hauser syndrome; ambisexual; klinefelter's syndrome; klinefelter syndrome; xxy sex chromosomes; john money; optimal gender; hypo-thyroidism; hypo-gonadism; hypo-adrenalism; hypo-pituitaryism; marni e. axelrad; marni axelrad; san Francisco human rights commission; film; video; dvd; documentary; ambiguous genitalia; reconstructive surgery; genital surgery; sexual anatomy; hormone; hormonal; plastic surgery; gender; sexuality; homosexual; homosexuality; gay; lesbian; sexual identity; ethics; ethical; moral; morality; social policy; social issues; ; "One in 2000"; The Fanlight Collection

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