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Vital Signs

Vital Signs

This documentary explores the politics of disability through the performances, debates and late-night conversations of activists at a national conference on Disability & the Arts. Including interviews with well known disability rights advocates such as Cheryl Marie Wade, Mary Duffy and Harlan Hahn, VITAL SIGNS conveys the intensity, variety and vitality of disability culture today. Open-Captioned. Contains strong language and nudity.

"Long on humor and leavened with performance art, poetry and anecdote, VITAL SIGNS may be raw, but the content is fresh, fully developed and anything but primitive."—Barry Corbet, New Mobility Magazine

"Extremely insightful. This thought-provoking, often irreverent video dispels myths about disability culture. Recommended without hesitation for academic and adult collections."—Library Journal

"Filled with engaging, in-your-face eloquence replete with anger, humor, ardor, irreverence, dignity, and creativity."—Disability Studies Quarterly

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documentary; film; video; captioned video; disability; disabilities; disabled; crippled; handicap; handicapped; challenged; accessible; accessibility; physical rehabilitation; performance; poetry reading; disability rights; disability activists; Cheryl Marie Wade; Mary Duffy; Harlan Hahn; "Vital Signs"; The Fanlight Collection; "Vital Signs"; The Fanlight Collection

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