Lost Village

Lost Village

The Lost Village is a devastating expose of how Greenwich Village, the epicenter of the counterculture in the 1960s and '70s, is being turned into a wasteland of chain stores, banks and multi-million dollar condos.

This award-winning documentary follows filmmaker Roger Paradiso on a journey through today's Village as he tries to figure out how this 'gentrification on steroids' got started. Talking to journalists, activists, shop-owners, professors and more, he uncovers how the landlords, politicians and NYU turned the Village into a place that is losing its heart and soul.

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Capitalism, Economic History, Community, Ethics, Education, Cultural Anthropology, Citizenship, Social Movements and Activism, New York City, Education Economics


Gentrification, NYU, Village, Politics, the 70's, Tuition, Students, Corporate Greed, Washington Square; "Lost Village"; First Run Features