Distributor:  Icarus Films
Length:  92 minutes
Date:  2017
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English; French / English subtitles
Color/BW:  Color
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National Diploma

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A group of Congo's high school students desperately tries to pass their final exam in order to graduate.

National Diploma

NATIONAL DIPLOMA follows a group of Congolese high-school students about to take the state exam in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dieudo Hamadi's documentary closely follows them as they prepare for the test, from the benches of the school they are regularly ejected from because they haven't paid the fees the teachers unfairly inflict upon their students, to the communal house where they gather to study, and the chaotic city streets of Kisangani they walk trying to find a living.

'Congolese director Dieudo Hamadi's second feature-length film offers a poised and engaging view of his hometown's high-school students confronting their graduate exams. A remarkable piece of cinema verite , which goes mightily up close to its subjects, NATIONAL DIPLOMA is proof of Hamadi as one of Democratic Republic of Congo's (if not Africa's) most observant documentary-makers; rarely impeding on the circumstances but readily there to capture defining moments in the proceedings... Effective and entertaining.' - The Hollywood Reporter

'Through a masterful use of twisted humor, Hamadi presents the means which justify the bright ends that the students are seeking... Overall, NATIONAL DIPLOMA is a very ambitious film, making good use of standard filmmaking techniques while using its unique, personal story as a background for putting the spotlight on grand, international themes.' - Africine


** Best Documentary Nominee, 2015 Trophees Francophones du Cinema
** Official Selection, 2015 New York African Film Festival
** Official Selection, 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
** Nominee, Best Documentary Feature, 2014 Abu Dhabi Film Festival
** Potemkine Award and SCAM Award, 2014 Cinema du Reel Film Festival
** Special Mention, 2014 Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival


Main credits

Hamadi, Dieudo (film director)
Hamadi, Dieudo (screenwriter)
Hamadi, Dieudo (cinematographer)
Balducchi, Marie (film producer)

Other credits

Image et son, Dieudo Hamadi; montage, Rodolphe Molla; musique générique, Oma Ayiya.

Distributor credits

A film by Dieudo Hamadi

Docuseek2 subjects

Central African Republic
Republic of Congo
Youth Issues
African Studies

Distributor subjects

African Studies
Central Africa
Inequalities and Stratification
Global Issues
Youth Issues


Kisingani; high school; DRC; graduation; entrance examination; exam; Dieudo Hamadi; documentary; film; video; DVD; "National Diploma"; Icarus Films

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