The Other Day

The Other Day

The home of acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Ignacio Aguero (AGUSTIN'S NEWSPAPER, 100 CHILDREN WAITING FOR A TRAIN) is filled with objects that speak to both his family's history and to the tumultuous history of his country.

Seeking to make a quiet, personal film centered on his home and his memories, it is fitting that THE OTHER DAY begins when a ray of sunlight shines on a photograph of his parents.

But Aguero's reveries are often interrupted by what seems like an unending stream of people knocking at his door: poor people asking for food, friends, neighbors, delivery men, young graduates looking for jobs.

Aguero turns the tables on his uninvited guests, and asks them if he may knock on their doors too. His spontaneous excursions into their neighborhoods and homes broaden the film's scope, bringing different aspects of contemporary Chilean society into the picture.

Interweaving these threads, collapsing past and present, interior and exterior, THE OTHER DAY is an elegant reflection on layers of history, and ways they are reflected in families and communities.

"Innovates in the way of looking and making documentaries…so that the public will be surprised, discover and read for itself a reality that is always moving."—El Clarin de Chile

"Beautiful! The author takes a look at the personal history of his family, relating it to that of the country."—Manuel Barrero Iglesias, Tierra Filme

"In THE OTHER DAY, Chile and the Chilean dictatorship sneak into the family history of the filmmaker."—Agencia EFE

"This two-sided, dialectical picture can be seen as one of the richest portraits of Chile, the story of lives--from before, now, forever--of the people who inhabit it. It is in them that the history of the country is present."—Blog Micropsia

"Highly recommended."Educational Media Reviews Online

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Ignacio Aguero; Santiago; Providencia; historical; memory; Chilean; family; military; Navy; torture; Latin American history; remembrance; documentary; cinema; film; video; DVD; ; ; "The Other Day"; Icarus Films; "The Other Day"; Icarus Films

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