This animated short is a parody of the Frankenstein story. Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster only to find out that his creation is too shy to go out and frighten anyone. The good doctor and his malevolent assistant Trevor try to find ways of helping their creation overcome his condition. A film for anyone who's ever been shy.

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Main credits

Drew, Les (film director)
Drew, Les (screenwriter)
Drew, Les (animator)
Pettigrew, Bill (film producer)
Verrall, David (film producer)
Smith, Rob (voice actor)
Carlson, Len (voice actor)

Other credits

Original music and soundtrack, Normand Roger, Denis Chartrand; animation camera, Pierre Landry, Raymond Dumas, Jacques Avoine.

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Distributor subjects

Emotional life


Frankenstein; shyness; shy; parody; "Shyness"; National Film Board of Canada