Nursing Studies

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The Nursing Studies includes the following titles:

Alzheimers and African Americans - imageAlzheimers and African Americans

Alzheimer's in the African-American community.

Terra Nova Films | 2007 | 27 minutes
Branding Illness - imageBranding Illness

A documentary expose of how pharmaceutical companies create demand for the drugs at their disposal, and buy the science they need to prove their effectiveness.

Icarus Films | 2011 | 52 minutes | 9-12, College, Adult
Code Gray - imageCode Gray

Academy Award nominee for Best Short Documentary. Explores four open-ended cases in which nurses confront serious ethical dilemmas in their day-to-day work.

The Fanlight Collection | 1983 | 26 minutes | College/Adult/Professional
Hold Your Breath - imageHold Your Breath

A devout Muslim immigrant faces possible death from stomach cancer but cultural and linguistic confusions complicate his treatment in an American hospital.

The Fanlight Collection | 2005 | 58 minutes | College/Adult/Professional
Learning to Speak Alzheimer's: The Habilitation Approach to Care - imageLearning to Speak Alzheimer's: The Habilitation Approach to Care

Applying the basic concepts of habilitation (which is simply caregiving that embraces the remaining abilities of the person with dementia.)

Terra Nova Films | 2008 | 32 minutes
Marco - imageMarco

Disbelief, shock, hostility and superstition confronted the wife of one of the filmmakers when she decided to give birth without pain medication using the Lamaze method of childbirth.

Kartemquin Films | 1970 | 80 minutes
Money and Medicine (New Edition) - imageMoney and Medicine (New Edition)

An investigation of the dangers the nation faces from runaway health care spending as well as the dangers patients face from over-diagnosis and over-treatment.

Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 84 minutes | 10 - 12, College, Adults
Rare - imageRare

RARE follows an extraordinary mother in a race against time to find a treatment for her daughter's rare genetic disease.

The Fanlight Collection | 2012 | 56 minutes | 8-12, college, adult
Selling Sickness - imageSelling Sickness

Explores the unhealthy relationships between society, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry as it promotes not just drugs but also the latest diseases that go with them.

Icarus Films | 2004 | 52 minutes | 9-12, College, Adult
Song of the Soul - imageSong of the Soul
An inside look at urban and rural hospice centers across South Africa that provide community-based compassionate care in the face of widespread poverty.
The Fanlight Collection | 2010 | 40 minutes | 8-12, COLLEGE, ADULT

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