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Salvador Dali: In Search of Immortality - Episode 1

This new documentary takes viewers on an eye-opening journey through the life and work of the great Salvador Dalí and his longtime muse and collaborator, Gala. The series begins in 1904 and ends in 1989, the year of his passing. Dalí’s geographies figure prominently in his fascinating story: Portlligat, the location of his only stable home-workshop; his hometown of Figueres, where he created his Dalí Theater-Museum; and Púbol, home to the magnificent Castle he shared with Gala. Using archival footage, images and documents (many of them never before used in a film), this intimate and revelatory documentary examines Salvador Dalí himself, his relationship with Gala, his mind-blowing creations, and his surrealist life philosophies, bringing us closer to a one-of-a-kind genius who managed to create a character that is a work of art unto itself. With this documentary, we go beyond the character and approach the painter and the man, and the spaces he conceived that have helped shape his immortality.

Part 1 covers the period 1904 - 1929.

"Produced by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, this documentary about the relentlessly eccentric Spanish painter benefits from plentiful archive access and a scholarly level of appreciation. " Andrew Pulver, The Guardian


Main credits

Pujol, David (film director)
Pujol, David (screenwriter)
Aguer, Montserrat (screenwriter)
Carrero, Ivan (film producer)
Carrero, Ivan (director of photography)
Davison, Sarah (narrator)
Paterson, Robert (actor)

Other credits

Director of photography, Ivan Carrero; editor, Jordi Muñoz Salló.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Art, Biography


Art, Biography, Surrealism, Documentary; "Salvador Dali: In Search of Immortality - Episode 1"; Film Movement

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