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We Have Reached The Moment

Vic Barrett was just 12-years-old when Hurricane Sandy hammered his native New York City. "It's easy to feel like nature can't really touch you when you're in a concrete city. But in that moment, I realized the actions that perpetuate climate change were a direct cause of how that storm affected us." Since then, Vic has spoken to the United Nations, testified before Congress, and become one of 21 plaintiffs on the landmark U.S. constitutional climate change lawsuit Juliana v United States. His message has traveled far, but he has one important audience he still struggles to reach: his own father.

WE HAVE REACHED THE MOMENT follows Vic’s journey as he tries to explain to his climate-denying father the impacts of the climate crisis on their own disenfranchised communities. Adding to this deeply emotional challenge is Vic’s concurrent gender transition, shifting their relationship from father-daughter to father-son, for which there is no instructional manual. Vic ultimately, like any son or daughter, desires unconditional acceptance, love, and support from his parent…but how do we connect with loved ones when their belief systems undermine our very identity and right to a healthy future?