Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down

In this cinema-verite documentary, a teenage youth group called Thumbs Down, decides "to bring Christ to their neighborhood" by holding an anti-war Mass at their conservative Chicago parish. Neither militants nor hippies, they simply believe that Christianity means social action and concern with issues. They present this belief to the community and the confrontation reveals the deepening crisis of communication between the young Christians and their parents, priest, and neighbors.

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Main credits

Quinn, Gordon (Producer)
Quinn, Gordon (Film editor)
Quinn, Gordon (Cinematographer)
Temaner, Gerald (Producer)

Other credits

Editor, Gordon Quinn; camera, Gordon Quinn.

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Distributor subjects

Religion and Spirituality


Kartemquin Films; Social Issues; Labor; "Thumbs Down"; Kartemquin Films; Chicago; Catholic; Catholicism; Christianity; peace; anti-war