A Shadow Remains

A Shadow Remains

Philip Toldeano's life has been marked by the passing of family, each death diverting the river slightly. His sister’s established a pattern of resistance; his mother’s gave him perspective on his childhood; his father’s showed him the power of unapologetic love. His unique, yet universal, experience delves deeply into questions of identity, and the ability to manage death in an honest and often humorous manner.

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Main credits

Toledano, Phillip (filmmaker)
Toledano, Phillip (photographer)
Toledano, Phillip (presenter)
McLaughlin, Tim (film producer)

Other credits

Photography and video by Phillip Toledano.

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Aging, Children & Youth, Death and Dying, Family, Grief & Recovery, Health, Photographers, photojournalism, relationships, sociology, dementia


Phil Toledano, Mr. Toledano, Days with My Father, The Reluctant Father, Charlie Chan, Charlie Chan’s Secret, Edward Trevor, Edward Toledano, Helene Toledano, Tim McLaughlin, Rick Gershon, Brian Storm, MediaStorm, fatherhood, dementia, aneurism; "A Shadow Remains"; MediaStorm