Carnegie 2015 data

Docuseek2 uses a price tier system based on a college or university’s Carnegie basic classification. We have mapped the 33 classifications onto seven price tiers, which we use to determine license fees that are relevant to a school’s size, degrees granted, and level of research activity. When we launched Docuseek2 in 2012, the 2010 edition of the Carnegie Classification of Institutes of Higher Education was the current version.

The 2015 edition was released earlier this year, and we have now updated our database to reflect the updated classifications. Per the Carnegie Classification site, the new edition is based on data collected by the federal National Center for Education Statistics and the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, and the private non-profit The College Board. The data used represent the 2013-14 time period.

For most schools, there is no change in the price tier, even if there was a change in the school’s classification. However, some schools have a new tier. 58 schools have moved down a tier, and 447 schools have moved up a tier. If your tier has changed and you have licensing rights on Docuseek2, you will see new prices for Docuseek2 licenses.

Please contact if you have a question about your school’s tier.