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The big news here at Docuseek2 is the addition of KimStim as our newest contributor to the Docuseek2 collection of film. KimStim is a leading distributor of innovative world cinema. KimStim’s mission of releasing “overlooked, under- appreciated masterworks of world cinema” is a perfect fit with our mission of providing essential documentaries for academic streaming.

KimStim is starting with three films:

The Human ScaleFORGET ME NOT – In this touching, moving profile, filmmaker David Sieveking portrays the domestic care of his mother Gretel, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. [Aging, Family Issues, Health Care]

THE HUMAN SCALE – Acclaimed architect Jan Gehl and his team are on a humanistic mission to reclaim public space in mega-cities for pedestrians (and cyclists) rather than cars. This human approach to city planning is put to the test in Denmark, Los Angeles, New York, China, Australia, New Zealand and India. [Architecture, Sustainability, Urban Studies]

TORTURE MADE IN USA – A disturbing examination of the the United States policy of torture under the cover of “War on Terror.” [Contemporary History, Human Rights Law, U.S. Foreign Policy]

Other news: As part of our ongoing quest to enhance “discoverability” and boost awareness and usage of Docuseek2 content at institutions that have licensed content (now at 69), I activated a related titles feature this weekend.

The new build of Docuseek2 (2.0.b072) includes a “You might also be interested in…” section on the left side of the product page. The Docuseek2 database currently contains related info from Bullfrog Films and Icarus Films, so most of the related titles are from the same distributor, but we will be enriching the links within the Docuseek2 collection over the next several months.


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