Remarks at the 2016 NMM Market Mania

Below are remarks I made at the 38th (2016) National Media Market in Baltimore, at the Market Mania session on Monday, October 24. It doesn’t rise to to the level of much of anything, except to provide some updates to Docuseek2.

I want to give a few updates on Docuseek2 before showing clips of some our newest releases.

There are two big news items for us. Last year we added a great collection of films from the National Film Board of Canada. This year we are very excited to welcome MediaStorm to the Docuseek2 platform. We have added 39 wonderfully crafted films from the award-winning design and production studio. Rebeca from MediaStorm is here as a first-time exhibitor. I strongly encourage you to visit their suite and check out their films.

Second, we announced our sales and technology agreement with Alexander Street Press this summer. While Docuseek2 retains complete curatorial control over the content, streaming what we consider to be the finest collection of social issue and documentary film available, we can now leverage their sales operation and their technology platform, with the ability to take advantage of the exciting new features they will be rolling out soon. Our goal has always been to get our content to as many people as possible, and this agreement will help make that happen.

We have also worked to make that happen through our flexible licensing options, ranging from one week up to life of file; and from single titles up to The Complete Docuseek2 Collection, due to be 1200 titles by the end of next year; and including our newest offering, the Docuseek2 PDA Collection of 120 of our most popular titles.

We also continue to develop our post-sales marketing support, to help you promote the content you have licensed. You can see some of the flyers we have prepared to help with that on the screen behind me [or here].

So I encourage you to stop by the Bullfrog, National Film Board and MediaStorm suites, and stop by the Docuseek2 suite and we can chat, and I can fill you in on any details.

And now some clips.