Some enhancements to generic user accounts

When institutions license multiple titles on Docuseek2, we create an account for the casual users at the institution. This generic account provides an interface to just the content that the institution has licensed, and hides features that are not relevant to the casual user.

The most recent build of the Docuseek2 app (2.0.b057) makes some minor changes to those interfaces.

  • The Logout link has been replaced with a Register link. The Register link provides an easy way for the casual user to create their own account on Docuseek2. The personal account gives the user access to the clip-making tool, email promotion tools and some other features on Docuseek2. “Logging out” did not make sense in this context anyway.
  • Institutions can now have a custom “Return” link on the casual user interface. Users will access the generic user interface via a link on the institution’s website, so a return link provides a way for the user to get back to their college or university’s site. The return link can only be set by someone at Docuseek2. If you want to take advantage of this feature, email support at support AT Note that when the user clicks the Return link, the user will be logged out of Docuseek2. To view licensed content via the Docuseek2 interface, the user will need to access the college or university’s Docuseek2 link.

There are some other enhancements and fixes in this latest build as well.