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Bombay Our City

Bombay Our City

BOMBAY OUR CITY tells the story of the daily battle for survival of the 4 million slum dwellers of Bombay who make up half the city’s population. Although they are Bombay’s workforce – industrial laborers, construction workers, domestic servants – they are often denied city utilities like electricity, sanitation, and water. Many slumdwellers must also face the constant threat of eviction as city authorities carry out campaigns to “beautify” the city. BOMBAY OUR CITY is an indictment of injustice and misery, and a call to action on the side of the slumdwellers.

“This writer considers it perhaps Patwardhan’s most mature and hard hitting film which exposes not only the ugly face of Bombay but the hypocrisy of some of its top authorities as well as the unbroken spirit of its slumdwellers.” Amita Malik – Statesman

“Simply one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.” Sean Cubitt – City Limits, London, UK

“Quite clearly, BOMBAY: OUR CITY is the best documentary ever made in India.” Khalid Mohamed – The Times of India

“Patwardhan gives us this story simply and clearly, with restrained passion, and it becomes, finally, appalling and moving.” Michael Wilmington – The Los Angeles Times


Main credits

Patwardhan, Anand (film producer)
Patwardhan, Anand (film director)
Patwardhan, Anand (photographer)
Patwardhan, Anand (editor of moving image work)
Patwardhan, Anand (distributor)

Other credits

Camera, Ranjan Palit, Anand Patwardhan.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Human Rights
Labor Economics
Social Issues


Bombay, Mumbai, India, slum, labor, human rights; "Bombay Our City"; Anand Patwardhan,doc; sociss

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