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We are Not Your Monkeys

We are Not Your Monkeys

We Are Not Your Monkeys is a music video that reworks the epic Ramayana story to critique the caste and gender oppression implicit in it. Sung by Sambhaji Bhagat and composed by Sambhaji, the late Daya Pawar and Anand Patwardhan, the music video opposes the systematic oppression and negation of basic human rights of the underclass, in the name of religion and culture.

"It is not often that a five minute film subverts a conceptual framework passed on through the centuries with such clarity. Anand Patwardhan’s film is an unsettling but liberating and moving experience. It is unsettling because it calls into question ideas passed on through the ages that we have internalized as “truth”. it is liberating because its relentless logic exposes the contradictions of a self-serving ideology. And it is moving because it is the clear voice of people we rarely hear." —Sumana Ramanan, The Independent


Main credits

Patwardhan, Anand (filmmaker)
Patwardhan, Anand (screenwriter)
Patwardhan, Anand (distributor)
Pav̄ara, Daȳa (screenwriter)
Bhagat, Sambhaji (performer)
Bhagat, Sambhaji (screenwriter)

Other credits

Performed by Sambhaji Bhagat and friends.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Religion and Spirituality
Human Rights


caste, gender, music video, India, human rights; "Five Films: We are Not Your Monkeys"; Anand Patwardhan,doc,art; music; shod; religion; sociss

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