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1914: A War of Images

1914: A War of Images

World War I was the battlefield for the first propaganda war in history. The recently invented and very popular medium of film was used by all military parties to create deception and manipulate public opinion. Scientists, using never-seen archive materials from all over Europe, including Russia and Hungary, now prove that many "€œwar front" films were staged.

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Main credits

Kaindlstorfer, Günter (Director)
Kaindlstorfer, Günter (Screenwriter)
Moser, Karin (Screenwriter)
Mosser, Katharina (Producer)
Stelling, Jörg (Narrator)

Other credits

Camera, Attila Boa, Joerg Burger; music, Mario Dansco.

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World War I; propaganda; film; war; Austria; Germany; Galicia; Austro-Hungarian Empire; media; "1914: A War of Images"; Autlook; World War One; First World War; ,doc; history

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