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Bully Dance

BULLY DANCE is the third film in the ShowPeace series -- lively, animated films designed to explore issues of conflict and dispute resolution. They are produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

BULLY DANCE is a non-verbal film with a strong message about bullies. In the film a community is disrupted when a bully victimizes a smaller member of the group. Eventually, the whole community becomes involved in dealing with the bully, who is himself a victim in his own house. Issues of peer pressure, accountability and imbalance of power are explored in a story that deals with a sensitive and pervasive problem. It has special resonance for schools in the US today.

Visually arresting and supported by a substantial study guide, the film also features a unique soundtrack of percussion instruments composed by Judith Gruber-Stitzer.

BULLY DANCE was created by the Academy Award-nominated animator Janet Perlman. Janet also made DINNER FOR TWO, the first film in the ShowPeace series.

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