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A Crack in the Mountain

Deep in the jungle of Central Vietnam, lies a magnificent underground kingdom. Hang Son Ðoòng which translates as “mountain river cave”, is located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bàng National Park in Quang Bình Province. It is the largest cave passage in the world and a place of spectacular beauty; the national park is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

In 2014, Son Doong’s future was thrown into doubt when plans were announced to build a cable car into the cave to attract tourism. With many arguing that this would destroy its delicate eco-system and the local community divided over the benefits this development would bring, A Crack in the Mountain follows those caught up in the unfolding events.

Beautifully shot and scored, the film uses this narrative as a lens through which to investigate related themes such as the challenges of modern day exploration, environmental conservation and sustainability, and the perils of operating as an activist in a country such as Vietnam—where freedom of speech is severely curtailed.

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