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City Life - The Miller's Tale

City Life - The Miller's Tale

Iron deficiency anemia is the most widespread nutritional disorder in the world, a severe health problem that affects more than 3.5 billion people. It causes a range of problems, from extreme lethargy to low birth weight, stunting, maternal mortality, miscarriage and loss of productivity. More than half the population of Middle Eastern countries is iron-deficient -- yet fortifying flour with iron costs about US $2 per person, per lifetime.

To quell the anemia epidemic in the Middle East, health professionals urge that fortified flour be used in bread. But because of complex social and cultural issues in the Middle East, fortifying flour with iron is difficult. Bread originated in Egypt and has been sacred since ancient times. Because of deeply rooted beliefs many millers refuse to add anything unnatural to their bread.

This program from the City Life series looks at the efforts to introduce fortified flour in Yemen as well as Egypt, two of the worst affected countries.

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Main credits

Marlow, Emily (film director)
Gawin, Luke (film producer)
Percy, Conal (editor of moving image work)
Bradshaw, Steve (narrator)

Other credits

Series producer, Luke Gawin; editor, Conal Percy; music, Safaa Abdel Rahman.

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African Studies
Developing World
Food And Nutrition
Global Issues
International Studies
Middle Eastern Studies
Women's Studies


bread, Egypt, Yemen, iron deficiency, food, malnutrition, health, low birth weight; "The Miller's Tale"; Bullfrog Films