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Creatures of the Sun

Creatures of the Sun

Enter the intriguing world of the Midland Painted Turtle, and follow it across the four seasons, through hibernation, mating, birth and death.

This beautifully filmed, engaging profile of a most ancient, durable animal will inspire respect for the precious, fragile ponds and marshes where it makes its home.

The Painted Turtle can be found throughout much of North America, in freshwater shallows that have an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Long considered expendable, these wetlands are now recognized as being immensely rich ecosystems that are essential in maintaining nature's balance.

'This is one of the best educational videos I have encountered and I recommend it highly for school and public libraries.' Barbara Butler, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, MC Journal

'It is very well done. This video would be suitable for virtually all school-aged students and their teachers.' The Science Teacher

'Highly recommended.' Wisconsin Bookwatch

'Well worth watching...This film is suitable for most ages, as the narration is slow, the vocabulary load is low, and the pictures are excellent.' Science Books and Films


Main credits

Trow, Susan (film director)
Trow, Susan (director of photography)
Lewis, Jefferson (screenwriter)
Martin, Kent (film producer)
Latchem, Tim (film producer)
Grenon, Macha (narrator)

Other credits

Editor and associate director, Donna Read; music, Neil Smolar; science consultant, Roger Bider.

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Endangered Species
Life Science
Life Science


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