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Ecosophia, a term first used by French philosopher Félix Guattari and deep ecologist Arne Næss, means "ecological wisdom."

In Ecosophia, a documentary by Australian filmmaker Peter Downey, we explore the interrelation between energy, the economy, resources, population, psychology, spirituality, the biosphere, the limits to growth and climate change.

Footage of environmental calamity, natural wonder and urban sprawl illustrate the scientific analysis and philosophical insights of a host of featured interviewees including:

Prof. Tim Barrett, Stephen Jenkinson, B. Sid Smith, Prof. William Rees, Prof. Ian Lowe, Morag Gamble, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Prof. Stuart Hill, Prof. Will Steffen, Prof. John Gowdy, Prof. William Ophuls, Bobbi Allan, Alnoor Ladha, Whaia Whaea, Mindahi Bastida, Rocky Dawuni, Victor Pires and Randy Hayes.

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