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E. F. Schumacher...

E. F. Schumacher...

A clear summary of Schumacher's economic arguments - with special reference to the world energy situation.

Filmed in Montana, Schumacher denounces what he calls 'internal colonialism'. After all, a colony is a territory that is being developed not for its own sake by its own inhabitants, but by far away power- as a source of raw materials. In this case the far away powers are the large metropolitan areas.

In a world short of energy, the system is becoming unworkable. Fewer factories farther and farther apart providing fewer and fewer jobs cannot provide the answer. In its place Schumacher argues for a system where local people consume local goods. This saves energy, creates jobs, but more important, it gives meaning to people's lives.

'Dr. Schumacher, with characteristic clarity, simplicity, and sanity, gives a summary of those ideas which have made his writings of such immense and vital importance to us all.' Frederick Franck, author The Zen of Seeing

'A very important film to consider when one looks at the worldwide need for practical alternatives in a fuel mad world.' Esme Dick in Energy and the Way We Live

'The visuals convey the message: In a megabakery, a lonely, bored attendant watches loaves passing his station endlessly, while in an 'appropriate' bakery, two young women execute the entire baking process and even get a chance to chat with their customers, Their bright faces fill the screen at the very moment that Schumacher propounds a society of self-sufficient people, unafraid of the future, unworried as to the meaning of their lives and the reason for their existence...' Science Books and Films


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Schumacher, E. F (on-screen participant)
Wolfe, Swain (film producer)
Wolfe, Swain (film director)

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