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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Featuring science writer Roger Bingham, this is a fascinating update of information first presented in Bullfrog's 'Diet for a Small Planet' about the environmental consequences of a meat-centered diet.

Comparing a cow to a gas-guzzling automobile, Bingham explains the inefficiency of using meat as fuel for the human body, especially in light of the environmental impact of raising all that meat--from loss of topsoil, and groundwater depletion and pollution, to methane's contribution to global warming, and the growing gap between the rich and poor nations.

'This well-balanced, thought-provoking companion to FAT CITY urges viewers to weigh the taste for beef against global responsibilities.' Booklist

'Instructively but humorously compares the environmental effects of driving a car with meat-eating...Show this one to school and civic groups just before lunch and watch hamburger sales plummet.' The Animals' Agenda

'Would interest a wide range of viewers from junior high level to adult...a good buy for libraries or schools looking for fairly objective, informational videos on this topic.' ***Video Rating Guide for Libraries


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Associate producer, Elliott H. Haimoff; editor, David Swofford; music, Emerald Web.

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