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Fury for the Sound

Fury for the Sound

This powerful and inspiring documentary shows how a small group of dedicated women activists came together to protest the clearcutting of the local rainforest and eventually found themselves in the midst of the largest civil disobedience action in Canadian history, the battle to save Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island.

It would be hard to imagine a more compelling story than one of elderly women and children, aged 8 to 82 years old, being arrested together and jailed in defense of public land. But there is a revolution going on - in consciousness and in action - of individuals no longer willing to watch impassively the destruction of our planet's natural resources. And this revolution is being led largely by women. It is estimated that 80% of environmental activists worldwide are women.

Following the path of the suffragettes and the Chipko women of India (the original 'tree-huggers'), hundreds of women protesters at Clayoquot were arrested and jailed for up to 45 days for refusing to step aside in the face of logging trucks intent on clearcutting some of the last vestiges of the world's old growth temperate rainforest.

A moving insider's account of grassroots social history in the making, this documentary talks about much more than trees. It exposes the perils of what happens in the larger society when consciousness is divorced from politics.

'It is the rare viewer who would not be transformed by this story's urgency and passion, and the tremendous spirit and intelligence of the women portrayed.' Atom Egoyan, filmmaker, The Sweet Hereafter

'It is one of those rare documentaries that takes you with passion and logic into another mindset from which there is no escape.' Mark Achbar, filmmaker, Manufacturing Consent and The Corporation

'I cannot think of more critical issues than those raised and documented in FURY FOR THE SOUND. Coupling environmental concerns and struggles to women's empowerment and resistance, this project brings to light the intersection of the two most significant movements of our time.' Frieda Forman, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

'This will be of special interest to anyone looking for a contemporary example of nonviolent protest.' The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution


Main credits

Wine, Shelley (film producer)
Wine, Shelley (film director)
Wine, Shelley (screenwriter)
Mackey, Hilary (film producer)
Mackey, Hilary (film director)

Other credits

Picture editor, Bonni Devlin; camera, Greg Davis; photography, Garth Lenz, Kiku Hawkes.

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Canadian Studies
Citizen Action
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Justice
Forests and Rainforests
Science, Technology, Society
Social Change
Social Justice
Social Psychology
Women's Studies


rainforest, Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, women, ecofeminism, Chipko, civil disobedience, forests; "Fury for the Sound"; Bullfrog Films