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Harvesting the Sea

How can we keep Maine’s world-famous fishing communities employed and feeding us all when the oceans they depend on are warming so fast that fish stocks are declining?

The answer, says economist Brianna Warner, is seaweed. Nutritious, tasty, and easy to grow, kelp can help revitalize the seas by decreasing CO2 in the water while providing both a new food source and much-needed seasonal work for local lobster fishermen.

Brianna is now CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, the country’s first commercial kelp farm. Working with local fishing partners, they’re now harvesting a million pounds of kelp a year, selling to restaurants and home cooks. She recognizes that kelp may not be the “one food” that changes the world, the “silver bullet” for climate change - but she is also certain that eating kelp can help people think about, and make better choices, about what’s on their plate.

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