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The Gaia Hypothesis is one of the most exciting new scientific theories to emerge in the 20th century. It's the work of a British scientist, James Lovelock, who believes that the earth is itself a living organism, and that life actively creates the environment it needs to survive, by maintaining environmental factors like temperature, humidity and atmosphere. His theory has been embraced by the environmental movement and has stirred up controversy in the scientific establishment.

Lovelock lives in the hills of Devon in southwest England. He's a biologist, doctor, chemist, cybernetician, inventor, and author of science fiction. In this video portrait we meet the man at his home and workshop, and visit the Marine Biological Laboratory in Plymouth, which conducts marine research, that has produced some amazing results, apparently confirming major parts of the theory.

The Gaia Hypothesis gives us a completely new view of the evolution of the Earth and may well be an incredibly productive tool for studying the complex ecological interrelationships that allow life to exist on our planet.

'An excellent introduction to the concept... Academic and general libraries will find this a useful addition to collections on environ-mental science and ecological stewardship.'
**** Video Rating Guide for Libraries

'This program sticks to the underlying science which informs Lovelock's theory...high school and university libraries will want to consider this for courses in general science and environment studies. Highly recommended.' Video Librarian

'As public concern for environmental issues rises, the Gaia hypothesis is sure to attract greater attention...the film excels at presenting science as a human enterprise.' The American Biology Teacher


Main credits

Lizius, Angelika (Screenwriter)
Lizius, Angelika (Director)
Jungjohann, Detlef (Screenwriter)
Jungjohann, Detlef (Director)
Salmansohn, Gloria (Narrator)

Other credits

Cameras, Gerhard Lechner, Michael Kuder; sound, Rolf Ruffer; music, Pat Metheny.

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Climate Change/Global Warming
Earth Science
Environmental Ethics
European Studies
Marine Biology
Physical Science
Social Psychology


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