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Game Over

Game Over: Conservation in Kenya looks at the changing face of conservation in Kenya and explores the impact of both colonial and contemporary initiatives, as well as how they affect the peoples who have traditionally lived off the land.

With a rapidly increasing population and escalating poverty, more people are moving into areas where wildlife once roamed freely. They are competing with wildlife for the same natural resources - water and pasture.

It is a conflict between old and new, human versus wildlife. Fortunately for humans and non-humans alike, there are some Africans who have devoted much of their lives to efforts to resolve these fundamental conflicts.

In particular, we follow the shifting fortunes of the semi-traditional pastoral group the Maasai, who are now engaged both in conservation and tourism. Prominent conservationists like Dr. Richard Leakey discuss key events in Kenya's conservation history, and what it is going to take for conservation to succeed today.