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Greening Business

Greening Business

This film shows that those businesses that adopt sound environmental practices are usually rewarded with a better bottom line.

Typically industry gobbles up natural resources and returns nothing but waste. But things are changing. A large hotel chain has initiated an environmental strategy designed to eliminate waste in their 27 hotels. One of the baby Bells started an office recycling program that was so successful they turned their attention to their whole system of product packaging.

Amongst those interviewed are Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, and Paul Hawken, author of 'The Ecology of Commerce' and 'Natural Capitalism'. He believes we must move from our current linear economy to a cyclical one. 'What we have to do is create the conditions for human life on this planet that respect and preserve all life.'

'Demonstrates the creative ways in which going green has made fiscal sense, as well as good sense in terms of planetary survival.' Video Librarian


Main credits

Suzuki, David T. (host)
Springbett, David (film director)
Springbett, David (film producer)
Heer, James (screenwriter)

Other credits

Photographed by Milan Klepl, Rudolf Kovanic, Peter Walker; edited by John Gareau; original music, Andy Mitchell.

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Business Practices
Canadian Studies
Marketing and Advertising
Science, Technology, Society
Social Psychology


sustainable business, natural resources, industrial ecology; "Greening Business"; Bullfrog Films