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Gene Blues

Gene Blues

This outstanding video examines some of the ethical issues associated with DNA testing and sets the stage for a national debate on the ramifications of human gene technology.

As geneticists unlock the DNA code, they learn how differences in the DNA that makes up particular genes are linked to variations in physical traits - from an organism's size to its resistance or susceptibility to disease.

While this knowledge holds promise for alleviating human suffering, DNA testing has presented real problems, including

* genetic discrimination in employment and insurance
* ethical issues around testing for an incurable genetic disease
* issues of privacy and forensics surrounding DNA data banks
* prenatal genetic testing with its implications for people with disabilities
* genetic indicators being sought to explain everything from obesity to homosexuality.

Then there are the big questions. To what extent should human beings interfere in the basic workings of nature? Are some genes better than others? Who decides what is normal? This video will spark discussion.