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Going Home

Going Home

GOING HOME, the final program in the 4-part 'Home Place' series, explores the aspects of living in an industrial society which cuts us off from the natural ecosystems that sustain our lives. We are insulated by cocoons of cultural myth that affect the way we see and understand the world and by cocoons of technology which insulate our senses from the natural world. The result is insensitivity to the Earth and a perpetual decline in human health and well-being. The human species has become an alien within its own Home Place. Personal remedies are found in activities which help us to reconnect with

'Excellent...After viewing this video, audiences will want to spend more time outdoors and return to nature.' Science Books and Films

'The video certainly provides food for thought. The treatment of the ecosphere as a living entity has the potential for significant classroom discussion...The settings and the soundtrack facilitate the contemplation of the main points -- the value of awareness and the power of an ecological perspective.' Anthropology Review Database

'This excellent series forces the viewer to take a hard look at our exploitive, damaging role as humans in the Earth's ecosystems...The narrative is easy to understand, yet it addresses these important issues in a sophisticated and thorough manner...highly appropriate addition to public, school, and academic libraries.' Rue Herbert, University of South Florida, MC Journal

'As much philosophy as science went into these thought-provoking programs. The end result is an impelling video series of value in any library collection.' Teacher Librarian


Main credits

Henders, Karen P. (film producer)
Long, Robert J. (film director)
Long, Robert J. (film producer)
Long, Robert J. (director of photography)
Long, Robert J. (editor of moving image work)
Boyd, Liona (narrator)

Other credits

Cinematography, Robert J. Long; editing, Robert J. Long.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Canadian Studies
Environmental Ethics
Science, Technology, Society


ecosystems,; health,; earth,; technology, J. Stan Rowe; "Going Home"; Bullfrog Films

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