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It's Gotten Rotten

It's Gotten Rotten

This video provides a fascinating introduction to composting as a means of engaging students in inquiry-based science that is meaningful to them and to their communities.

High school students come alive as they observe the 'rot riot' of invertebrates and microorganisms that inhabit a compost pile. A centipede cleaning its antennae, a pseudoscorpion searching for microscopic prey - these and a multitude of other organisms are shown in the process of making compost.

Chemistry and physics enter the picture too. Taking into account what they know about oxygen, moisture, carbon, and nitrogen needs for successful composting, students design effective compost systems for use in their classroom. They carefully record compost temperatures, and chart the intricate process of decomposition. Best of all the students and their community see the results of their efforts as they turn a vacant lot into an urban oasis.

IT'S GOTTEN ROTTEN sets the scene for classroom composting.