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Keepers of the Coast

Keepers of the Coast

Spectacular surfing footage dramatizes the message of this important video. Last year, in the US alone, over 3,500 beaches were closed due to pollution. Millions of dollars in tourism and related industries were lost, and when our coastline is polluted, surfers suffer first. They take it on the skin, in their eyes and ears, and even in their guts.
Now surfers are organizing world-wide: testing water quality, funding research on wetlands restoration, and educating the public in schools and communities.
Watching this video will teach students about the water cycle, the causes of coastal pollution and the interaction of the ocean, shore, winds and tides that creates those solar-powered, free-forever waves.

'Great action and vital education for anyone who loves the ocean and is committed to keeping it pristine.' Scott Hulet, Editor, Longboard Magazine

'Made an impact on my kids like no article, no teacher, no other film ever has.' Pat Cochran, Editor, Action Sports

'Some good solutions are offered...Teenagers will recognize host and narrator Peter King from MTV. This is a different look at water pollution that makes it more personal and compelling.' School Library Journal

'If I wanted to interest students in community based environmental activism, I would show this film...Makes a very clear presentation of some startling facts...I recommend this video to libraries serving junior high and senior high school level students, but the material is equally appropriate for adult audiences.' Barb Butler, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, MC Journal

'This visually beautiful program, while conveying factual information about serious problems, also demonstrates the potential effectiveness of community action and grassroots movements. As stated in a quote from Margaret Mead in a screen graphic at the end of this program, 'Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.' Editor's Choice.' Emergency Librarian


Main credits

Graber, Michael (film director)
Graber, Michael (screenwriter)
Graber, Michael (cinematographer)
Schulz, Diana (film producer)
Schulz, Diana (film director)
Schulz, Diana (screenwriter)
Huntley, Timothy (screenwriter)

Other credits

Filmed by Michael Graber; editor/musical director, Timothy W. Huntley.

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American Studies
Citizenship and Civics
Earth Science
Marine Biology
Oceans and Coasts
Social Psychology
Urban and Regional Planning


pollution, surfers, Surfrider International, tourism, beaches, coastal erosion; "Keepers of the Coast"; Bullfrog Films