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The Hospice

Life 4 - The Hospice

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The Mother of Mercy Hospice on the edge of the capital, Lusaka, was the first of its kind in Zambia. 'Our idea was just to build a simple shelter so people can die with dignity,' says Sister Leonia. 200 people a day in Zambia die from HIV/AIDS. Because controlling HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest challenges world health experts face, all the member countries of the United Nations have pledged to 'reverse' the spread of the disease as one of the UN's Millennium Development Goals - a global ambition the international community hopes to achieve by 2015. This Life film follows the work of the staff and volunteers at the Mother of Mercy hospice and in the surrounding villages. The courage of patients, the resilience and despair of the staff and the dignity of how they all deal with the almost daily ritual of death combine to give a poignant account of the human face of AIDS in modern Africa.