Life 8 - Silk Ceiling, Part 1

In New Delhi, Ritu Bhardawaj is a star to the neighborhood children. Not only does she help with their homework, but she's also a glamorous TV reporter. For young Indian girls like Kiran and Monika, she's a role model in a society that doesn't favor ambitious girls. We follow Ritu as she makes her next big report - a documentary about the 'silk ceiling' which hangs over the lives of many women in the Asia Pacific region, narrowing prospects and frustrating talent. Do politics and the law mean they're all fighting against impossible odds?

'There is a continuous challenge of trying to strike a balance in the film[s]...[The films] can be used successfully in stimulating a discussion amongst the youth about the negative aspects of such a life as well as an exploration of alternatives.' Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education, New York University


Main credits

Pandey, Arjun (Director)
Bhardawaj, Ritu (Interviewee)
Bradshaw, Steve (Narrator)

Other credits

Music, Audio Network, Juergen Eppinger; camera, Aamir Abdullah ... [et al.]; editor, Simrandeep Kaur, Sotira Kyriacou, Jan Langford; translators, Annas Alamudi, Stephen Demeulenaere, Ina Sahsan.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Asian Studies
Citizenship and Civics
Gender Studies
Human Rights
Labor and Work Issues
Millennium Development Goals
Pacific Studies
Social Justice
Women's Studies


Ritu Bhardawaj, Indian, TV reporter, silk ceiling, glass ceiling, New Delhi, television, reporting, role model, Asia Pacific, politics; "Silk Ceiling, Part 1"; Bullfrog Films; "Life 8"

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