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Let's Make Money

More than ever before, it has become clear that the markets affect us all. Produced by Erwin Wagenhofer, LET'S MAKE MONEY follows the trail of our money through the worldwide finance system.

What do our retirement savings have to do with the property blow-up in Spain? We don't have to buy a home there in order to be involved. As soon as we open an account, we're part of the worldwide finance market--whether we want to be or not. We customers have no idea where our debtors live and what they do to pay our interest fees. Most of us aren't even interested, because we like to follow the call of the banks to 'Let your money work.'' But money can't work. Only people, animals or machines can work.

The film starts at the Ahafo mine in Ghana, West Africa, where vast areas are being blasted open. Gold is extracted from the rock in a tedious process, then smelted and flown directly to Switzerland. The spoils are divided up proportionally: 3% for Africa, 97% for the West. The mine was opened with the assistance of the World Bank.

'I don't think the investor should be responsible for the ethics, the pollution or anything the company in which he has invested produces. That's not his job. His job is to invest and earn money for his clients.' Mark Mobius, president of Templeton Emerging Markets
'In the end it's always the so-called man or woman on the street who's left paying the bills.' Hermann Scheer, winner of the alternative Nobel Prize and a member of German Parliament

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