Lovins on the Soft Path

Lovins on the Soft Path
'We're in the position of somebody that can't keep the bathtub full because the water keeps running out. Before we buy a bigger water heater, we ought to get a plug.' -- Amory Lovins

Since the 1970s Hunter and Amory Lovins have been the foremost proponents of an energy policy that concentrates on efficiency and the appropriate use of renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and water. The Lovinses call this the 'soft path' and in this classic film argue for its practicality as opposed to the 'hard path' which favors increased energy production and the use of coal and nuclear power.

'What can a half-hour film about energy planning say that hasn't been said before? Practically everything when it's LOVINS ON THE SOFT PATH.' Solar Age

'An energy revolution without fanfare-presented so clearly you wonder why you didn't know it already.' David Brower, Friends of the Earth

'Skillfully structured to hold audience interest and for ease of comprehension, this Blue Ribbon winner is a stimulating choice for high school and college courses and for public library screenings.' Booklist


Main credits

Lynde, George C (Director)
Prager, Marjorie (Screenwriter)

Other credits

Camera, Kevin Burke; editors, Diane Hodgman, Ollie Hallowell, Bebe Nixon; music, Paul Winter Consort, Emil Ascher, Inc.

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American Studies
Local Economies
Political Science
Renewable Energy
Science, Technology, Society
Urban and Regional Planning


Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins, energy policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, soft energy path, solar energy, wind energy, hydro power, hard energy path, coal, nuclear power, soft path, hard path, Paul Winter Consort; "Lovins on the Soft Path"; Bullfrog Films