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The Posse

Life - The Posse

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This episode of Life is the story of a group of friends trying to make it in the world's most socially divided society, Brazil. They call themselves 'The Posse' and they live in Sao Paulo, in one of Brazil's 2500 favelas or urban slums.

The Posse is centered around a rap group whose songs explain the inequalities of life in Brazil today. Its members include schoolkids, the unemployed, social activists and university students.

Beyond the boundaries of the favela, the program films with those who live in even worse conditions, in rat-infested city shelters for the homeless, as well as with the new urban elites: lawyers and a young man who has just made millions from an internet company.

Even if kids like those in The Posse do -- against all odds -- win a place at university, educators, economists and lawyers explain, social differences may stop them becoming part of the elites who stand to benefit most from Brazil's rapidly growing and globalizing economy.