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Living Things We Love to Hate

The slimy slug...the sensuous snake...the darting bat - even the dark forest at night - just reading the words makes many of us squirm, shudder, or recoil in revulsion and fear. These are some of the 'Living Things We Love to Hate' and no matter how much they're a presence in our lives, some of us never get over our fear of them. Yet every creature plays a vital role in its own ecosystem. Is it true we fear what we don't understand? This film is designed to replace those irrational fears with ecological understanding.

Based on Des Kennedy's popular book of the same title, the program gets extremely up-close and very personal with a light-hearted and scientific exploration of the roots of our cultural attitudes - from horror movies to the Book of Genesis. From there it examines the ecological role of each creature and soon revulsion is replaced with awe.

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Main credits

Kennedy, Des (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Des (narrator)
Springbett, David (film director)
Springbett, David (film producer)
Koster, Andrew (film producer)

Other credits

Macro/nature photography, David Denning; photography, Ian Kerr, David Springbelt; music, Tobin Stokes.

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Distributor subjects

Animal Behavior/Communication
Environmental Ethics
Life Science
Outdoor Education


spiders, slugs, snakes, bats, flies, maggots, Des Kennedy, ecological understanding; "Living Things We Love to Hate"; Bullfrog Films