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One Ocean

ONE OCEAN tells the story of the world's vast interconnected ocean ecosystem. With a wealth of never-before-seen HD footage, the spectacular 4-part series bears witness to underwater volcanoes erupting meters from the camera and discoveries of rare and bizarre life forms. Some of the planet's most innovative and charismatic marine scientists guide us on this adventure.

Journey with ONE OCEAN's cameras as they travel to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the USA exploring the richness of the underwater world. In each breathtaking episode, join scientists as they explore the ocean's beauty, power and fragility. The scientists include marine biologist, Boris Worm; ocean climate modeller, Debbie Ianson; zoologist, Nancy Rabalais; geologist, Nick Eyles; oceanographer, Richard Feely; paleontologist, Ted Daeschler; extreme deep sea researcher, Verena Tunnicliffe; and author and underwater photographer, Wade Doak.

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The One Ocean includes the following titles:

Birth of an Ocean - imageBirth of an Ocean
The story of the ocean's turbulent beginnings and its successive incarnations.
Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 44 minutes | 8-12, College, Adult
Footprints in the Sand - imageFootprints in the Sand

Reveals the devastating impact of human activity on the ocean since we first settled along its coasts over 150,000 years ago.

Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 44 minutes | 8-12, College, Adult
Mysteries of the Deep - imageMysteries of the Deep
Explores the beguiling depths of the seas, as technology allows us to venture further and further into the planet's last frontier.
Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 44 minutes | 8-12, College, Adult
The Changing Sea - imageThe Changing Sea

Decodes the signals that the ocean is sending us. Is the ocean's chemistry being compromised by increased acidity, less oxygen and warming temperatures?

Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 44 minutes | 8-12, College, Adult

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