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We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that every living thing is connected.

PLANETARY is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup call -- a cross continental, cinematic journey. The film takes us from one of the truly extraordinary events of our civilization, space travel, and looks at how this gave us a totally different perspective on the Earth. It is a humbling reminder of the near-incalculable breadth of our impact on the earth, intellectually challenges us to reconsider our relationship with our home and the urgency to shift our perspective -- to remember that we are planetary .

Featuring interviews with thirty renowned experts including astronauts Ron Garan and Mae Jemison, celebrated environmentalist Bill McKibben, National Book Award winner Barry Lopez, National Geographic Explorer Elizabeth Lindsey and Head of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu school, the 17th Karmapa, Janine Benyus, Wade Davis, Joanna Macy, PLANETARY takes viewers on a cinematic journey to experience our world like never before.

'For the first time, I not only saw the fragility of the planet...I felt it.' Huffington Post Entertainment

'A fabulous film that could have long-reaching impact and continue generating interest over many years. Planetary is a gift to the rising consciousness among those who see and feel themselves as planetary citizens and for those who could benefit from such a worldview. Words of insight and wisdom from the thinkers progress here like poignant epigrams, each of which could front entire chapters of discourse.' Tyler Volk, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies, New York University, Author, Quarks to Culture (forthcoming)

'Planetary is a beautiful film for birthing a planetary consciousness. Many are seeking to move beyond anthropocentric thinking and this film helps point the way.' John Grim, Co-Director and Co- Founder, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University

'Stunning...A most impressive logistical and aesthetic feat...It gradually moves toward a more philosophical call for change in how individuals and societies view themselves - as participants in, rather than consumers of, a unique and fragile ecosystem.' Dennis Harvey, Variety

'Here is a documentary about our eco-social crisis that foregoes reiterating the standard litany of woes. Instead it goes right to the heart of the matter: the rupture of our relationship with the Earth and with one another and the spiritual awakening needed to change our historical course. Educators will appreciate the seamless presentation of thought-provoking, luminous ideas. Planetary is bound to spark lively discussion in the classroom.' Eileen Crist, Associate Professor of Science and Technology in Society, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

'This film moved me to tears more than once with its sheer beauty' The Mind Reels

'The environmental crisis is manifest across many dimensions of ecology and ideology, technology and the economy, culture, religion, and spirituality, and both social and personal psychology. This film suggests there is a hope; transformation is possible...Understanding that we are planetary is the heart of a new story, a story fit for the Anthropocene.' Allen Thompson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Oregon State University, Co-Editor, Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change

'This film is a very useful guide, leading high school, college, or even adult audiences through the steps needed to recognize what kind of transformation in our thinking is needed...For those who recall first seeing the image of the whole Earth from space, the film is deeply moving. For younger audiences the history of how this idea first dawned--simultaneously with Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis--will be just as moving and inspiring of hope.' James Strick, Professor of Earth and Environment, Chair of the Program in Science, Technology and Society, Franklin and Marshall College

'Urges viewers to take an astronaut's-eye view of their home planet.'

'An extraordinarily sane film that through stirring imagery and convincing argument calls for a revolution in our global consciousness. The film weaves together interviews with ecologists, philosophers, anthropologists, monks, and astronauts--and it should tell us something that visionaries from these disparate fields are all reaching similar conclusions. I will draw on Planetary in my courses in Ohio and abroad to ask the big questions--the questions that should be framing our studies and our actions.' Chris Myers, Professor of Zoology, Founding Director of Project Dragonfly, Miami University

'Thought-provoking...moving and beautiful' Mother Nature Network

'A powerful argument...Reminds us that the narrative wisdom from the natural and physical sciences of the past 400 years suggests that we are, through and through, planetary creatures. How will we use this planetary knowledge to develop a planetary ethic based not only on the idea that we are planetary (not national) citizens, but creatures among creatures facing a common future?' Whitney Bauman, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Florida International University, Author, Religion and Ecology: Developing a Planetary Ethic

'Planetary offers magical Earth visions from astronauts in space and classic environmental meditations on the deep connections between humanity and nature. This film crystallizes traditional environmental narratives of ecological crisis caused by a hubristic humanity that sees itself as above and separate from nature while lighting a way forward through new narratives of a 'life-sustaining' 'planetary movement.'' Erle C. Ellis, Professor, Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland - Baltimore

'Visually stunning...The tone is universally hopeful...A film that is beautiful to watch and interesting to think about.' Joshua Terry, Deseret News

'Planetary connects the science of cosmic and biospheric processes to ancient cosmologies and to modern beliefs systems. The film is a thought experiment for all of us, including teachers and students, who wish to draw on the best insights and knowledges of the past and present as we imagine and build livable and desirable futures for the next generations of our planet's interdependent species.' Joni Adamson, Professor of Environmental Humanities, Arizona State University, Co-editor, Keywords for Environmental Studies

'The film will encourage viewers to recognize that reflecting on ourselves, our identity, and our relationship with nature can help us find solutions to environmental problems.' Susan Clayton, Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies, College of Wooster

'Awe-inspiring imagery...Woven throughout are insights and wisdom from astronauts, biologists, philosophers, Zen Buddhist priests, and leaders of indigenous peoples who provide not only downbeat assessments of our current state but also hopeful paths forward.' Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

'A call for worldwide action to save the Earth' The Toronto Film Scene


Main credits

Reid, Guy (film director)
Reid, Guy (film producer)
Kennedy, Steve Watts (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Steve Watts (editor of moving image work)
Kennedy, Steve Watts (film producer)
Ferstad, Christoph (film producer)
Ferstad, Christoph (director of photography)

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Director of photography: Christoph Ferstad; original score: Human Suits.

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Climate Change/Global Warming
Earth Science
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