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The Sacred Balance - Journey into New Worlds

In the past half-century science and technology have worked wonders - healing disease, extending human life spans, cloning life forms, communicating instantaneously with the other side of the globe. But along with all this progress there have been terrible costs: environmental, social, and spiritual.

In this episode, David Suzuki travels to Arizona, England, Massachusetts and to the Pacific Northwest rainforest in search of a new vision of the Earth and our place on it - a worldview we once had but seem to have forgotten. David looks back on the promise and limitations of Isaac Newton's reductionist science, sharing a personal journey that began with his work at the forefront of genetic research in the early 1960s through to his ecological epiphany on British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands.

With James Lovelock, physiologist Ary Goldberger, astronaut Julie Payette, and biologist Thomas Reimchen.

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