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Save Our Land, Save Our Towns

Vibrant towns or sprawl? Small town newsman (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Tom Hylton explores how America can save its cities, towns, and countryside in this one-hour program.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns taps into a growing concern about sprawl among ordinary Americans. A poll by the Pew Center for Civic Journalism recently found that sprawl ranks with crime, taxes, and education as the top domestic concern of citizens across the country.

Americans are frustrated with traffic congestion, angry about the loss of open space, and perplexed by the decline of America's cities. Many think sprawl is inevitable. But it's not.

Save Our Land, Save Our Towns is a story of hope -- logical reasons why America's towns can be rebuilt and its countryside preserved from strip malls and subdivisions. The program is designed to be engaging and personal -- a voyage of discovery, rather than a mere recitation of facts, with moments of revelation, humor and emotion.

Filmed in Pennsylvania, England, Oregon, and North Carolina.

'Development and zoning issues normally make the eyes glaze...Tom Hylton makes them downright fascinating...You'll never look at a city or suburb the same way again.' Philadelphia Daily News

'This superb documentary examines causes and effects of...expanding suburban sprawl.' TV Guide

'Brightly written, tightly organized and cleverly illustrated, and if Hylton doesn't have suburbanites hanging For Sale signs on their McMansions at the end of the show, he may at least have them thinking about it.' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

'Highly recommended...' MC Journal

'A compelling examination of the causes and effects of suburban sprawl, along with thoughtful recommendations and effective solutions for curbing the environmental and social consequences of this high-profile issue.' Midwest Book Review

'Save Our Lands is a valuable tool in the war against sprawl.' Ross Moldoff, APA Journal


Main credits

Eitzen, Dirk (film producer)
Eitzen, Dirk (film director)
Hylton, Thomas (host)

Other credits

Photographer, Max Zug, Sid Fox; music Simon Andrews.

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Distributor subjects

Air Pollution
American Studies
Environmental Ethics
Land Use
Local Economies
Public Policy
Science, Technology, Society
Social Studies
Urban Studies
Urban and Regional Planning


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