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Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow

Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow

A documentary from India about the effects of the highly touted Green Revolution there. Credited with ensuring that India is no longer a developing countries 'basket-case', the Green Revolution is widely regarded as one of the most successful development strategies of the 20th century. But this film reveals that in India it has helped to create a new serf class and the dramatic yields of the early years have fallen away in the wake of pesticide poisoning and the short-lived miracle wheat strains.

'A harrowing indictment of America's post-World War II Green Revolution...the First World's largesse has only helped reinforce the power of the ancient rich over the ancient poor.'
Toronto Star


Main credits

Datta, Manjira (film director)
Seth, Sanjay (film producer)

Other credits

Photographers, Jugal K. Debata, John Beck; editor, Graham Whitlock; music, John Barham.

Docuseek subjects

Distributor subjects

Asian Studies
Developing World
Environmental Justice
Genetically Modified Foods
Sustainable Agriculture


India, documentary, Green Revolution, development; "Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow"; Bullfrog Films